Sharing my Experience with the Office Training Program

Reflection from Job Training

My name is Gunchaporn Lertritsirikul. Currently, I am a third-year student at the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus School. I always believe that job training is very vital because it allows students or workers to gain more experience, knowledge, and skills. In addition, it also gives them opportunities to practice their skills, not just only studying in the classroom.

I never thought that I would have my job training while studying in high school. However, this school provides me with the opportunity. A company that I worked for is Hino Motors Manufacturing which is the largest firm in truck production, and my department is Logistic Planning. I can say that I have gained a lot of experience from this place. The first thing that I learn from here is I have to be on time. In working life, punctuality is extremely crucial. If you are late, your salaries might be deducted, or it might affect other employees too because we do not work alone, we work as a team, so we have to respect other colleagues too. Since my industry is quite big, they gave me the name card to scan when I went in and out, therefore, they could check what time I arrive. Next, I learned how to use a huge printer and how to scan and copy documents. I was so excited about this because I have not done this before. I also get to use my skills in Excel and Word that I have studied in school. Moreover, my manager also gave me an opportunity to visit a new factory that they just built because normally not everyone could go there, especially since I was just a trainee. In the new factory, I could see how one truck is built and how workers in the production line worked. It was such a good experience.

On the first day of working, I thought it would be very stressful and difficult because I went there by myself. On the other hand, everyone took care of me very well and they were willing to have me on their team too. Moreover, they also taught me several things such as the formulas in Excel and how to use the printer. Even though they had a lot of work, they still tried to make conversations with me so that I would not feel lonely. It made me so happy. They also bought me food almost every day and gave me snacks every evening too. On the day that I went to the new factory, everyone knew that I did not understand the truck’s production, therefore, they tried to explain it to me. The thing that made me very impressed is they gave me a gift on my last working day, and they also threw a small party for me too. This month went so fast. I have learned new things, improved my skills, and met new people. I think it is a great opportunity for the students to have job training so that they can gain more experience. Not every school will have this kind of opportunity. Lastly, I would like to thank my school and my company for this chance. It is one of the best memories I have ever had.

Sharing my Experience with the Office Training Program

 An internship is a good experience for people who do not have experience working before. It usually happens when you are studying at the university during the third year. It is a good opportunity for me that CHIJ school provides Secretarial Diploma after graduation. This training program will be beneficial for my future career path. Moreover, this program teaches the students to know how to work effectively in the real world.

        I interned at S&K International Education in Krung Thon Buri, Bangkok. It is an agency for people who would like to study abroad, especially in Australia. You can choose to study language, certificate, diploma, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, etc. The agency will help you choose the college that suits you and apply for a visa until you arrive in Australia. At first, I was very nervous because it was a new environment, and I did not have any friends there with me. I was scared and kept thinking about how I should act, what would happen if they do not like me, and the tasks that will be given to me if I cannot do them well. Even though the school has trained me very well, it could not stop me from thinking about those things.

Luckily, the first day I went to work, it turned out that what I had been worried about was not true. The company I worked with has the head office in Sydney, Australia so the office in Bangkok had only one person because of the effect of Covid-19 which caused lots of people to lose their jobs including this company. My boss and my trainer were not the same people. My boss, I called her “P’Kitty”, was in Sydney. She was the one who assigned me the task. The jobs that I did were contacting and applying the students to the college that they chose, translating the document and send to the Department of Home Affairs, writing the GTE or statement of purpose as it is needed for getting a student visa, and keying visa on immigration account. However, my trainer, P’Sasi, was in Thailand. She was the one who thought me how to do the work, so she was the one who trained me. She was very friendly and kind. She always bought me lunch and shared her working experience on working with me. I have learned a lot of things from the stories she told and I had to adapt to the ways other people work. When I am new in the industry, I have to follow the rules because it will be good for my future career, and I have to come up with a second plan and explanation if anything goes wrong.

I was very happy working in the organization though it was just a short period. People there always encouraged me and said nice things such as “you did very well”, “that one was already perfect”, and “you are a very special kid, I do not believe that you are only 18”. When they said those things, it encouraged me to do new things that I did not believe that I could do. I gained lots much more confidence from working there. It was a special memory that I will never forget. I have shared these stories with my friends, who said they like my stories. I told my friends that my boss will come from Sydney in December, and she would like to have dinner with me. She also offered me a full-time job after I graduated from this school. Unfortunately, I then plan to study at the university. However, she still asked me to work as a part-time employee for some time.

        From this point, I would like to thank the school to give me this opportunity for my future career path and teach me things that are necessary for work. These are some of the subjects that I have adapted from my internship experience. There are office procedures (OP) that teach about how to work effectively and how to act in a proper way because these things will represent you in the name of the organization, Information, and Communication Technology (ICT) teaches how to use the program such as Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft word which I get to use in working in this organization, Business English (BE) which teaches how to write a good email, making a resume, and taking the phone call, and the last subject that I could not believe I would use it in this job is Business Studies (BS) as I mentioned, my task was writing a statement of purpose, some students go to study in marketing, therefore, I have to adapt the lessons to be able to explain to the immigration that how this study is important to the learners, for example, they will continue a family business or they want to change their career in the future.

        Additionally, I would like to thank Miss Narisa Kangulab, an office procedures teacher, who takes care of the students who are going for the training. She makes sure that everyone is doing a great job and doing well. She was the one who help me find this job. I very much appreciate her for teaching and taking care of me.

        Lastly, I was very satisfied and grateful for having an opportunity during my high school period. From this experience, I believe that I will be able to have a bright future along with a positive attitude for working in the future organization.

Sharing my Experience with the Office Training Program

 My name is Pinyapat Jarnyaharn. I am 17 years old. I have just finished my office training. I can remember that it was a very exciting feeling to have office training, especially with AIA Company. This company is well known for being an insurance company. My company starts working at 10 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m. The working hours here are flexible, so it makes me feel very comfortable to be here. At first, I could not imagine how I could use all of my knowledge to do the work here.

On the first day of working, I was very excited and awkward at the same time. Even though I am a new member, all of my colleagues here are very gentle and kind to me. They treated me like I am one of their families. Even the security guard here also welcomes me with a smile every morning. They were not only teaching me about the work, but they taught me about how to behave with others too. I can say that they are all like my relatives. My boss taught me to do the paperwork such as checking the due date of insurance. It was quite hard and complicated at the beginning, but after that, I gradually learned it. While checking the due date, I always have some questions which pop up to ask my boss, she is always willing to answer my question without any negative reactions. I have used my knowledge of Office Procedures subject too because my boss asked me to do the filing system on the computer. She also taught me to handle proper telephone calls. It was the hardest task I have ever done in this office training. She taught me all of the information that I should know. Therefore, I will be able to answer all of the client’s questions. I called many people, but nobody was interested in it. After doing this task, I noticed that it wasn’t easy to be an insurance agent, but I will keep this as one of my important experiences. The working environment is very positive because I was surrounded by positive people. They smile and give me positive energy from the first day that I came to work until my last day.

In my opinion, all of the tasks that I have done during the office training were not too hard for 3rd year students to do. I did not just only enjoy working there, but I also enjoy eating there. My office is located at Surasak BTS station which is next to Bang Rak. It is very convenient to get around because it is in the center of the city. My friends and I also went to Bang Rak to have a meal together someday. Last October, I opened up a lot of experiences that I have never done before. It is a precious experience that I will keep very well because I think it will be useful when I step into real work in the future.

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