What are students’ opinions toward online classes?

Do they like them? Do they have difficulties adapting to the online classes? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the online classes? Do they miss the time when they were in a physical classroom? If they could choose, would they want to do more online learning? Let’s find out!

“I’m dying to go back to school. I know I’m not one of those studious students who get all A’s, but things were so much simpler before Covid. I got to see my friends every day, and we hung out after school. Now, we can only chat online, which is boring. I don’t want to be home because I don’t want to take care of my younger siblings. They have to study online too, and we are in the same room. It’s really hard for me to concentrate on the lessons. Sometimes, I had to help my sisters with her classes, and I missed what my teachers said. I hope we can go back onsite. I don’t live close to the school, but at least I don’t have to sit in front of the screen all day.”

1st Year Student Representative

“For me, I’m ok with online classes. I think online classes are good for those who are responsible. I hate having to look at the screen all day, but it isn’t that bad. When I am done with my assignments, I listen to music and use the internet. It’s kind of fun. I think the teachers know but don’t really mind, as long as we pay attention to the lectures and submit our work. I know a lot of people, though, who muted the teachers entirely. I know this because they didn’t answer when their names were called. As I mentioned earlier, online classes are not for everyone. Some people find it really hard to stay focused. It’s hard for the teachers to go after those who cheat in their quizzes or exams as well since there are no evidence. If I could choose, I would wish for us to go back onsite. For me, I can take care of myself, but in a long run, I think online classes do more harm than good.”

2nd Year Student Representative

“I don’t like online classes. I’m one of those weak students, and it’s really hard for me to understand the lessons, especially those with numbers. My English is also not good, but at least I try. I know the teachers are trying their best to teach, but things are really not the same. I don’t dare asking questions in front of the whole class. Before, onsite, I would just ask for help when other students were busy doing other things. In online classes, I just can’t. You wouldn’t expect the students to really raise their hand and turn on the mic to ask questions, would you? Nobody does that, at least in mine. I know I can just contact the teachers after that, but once the class is over, I lose my motivation. It’s not easy for me to approach the teachers. I wish we could go back to school very soon. I really don’t want to fail. It isn’t fair!”

3rd Year Student Representative

“I like online classes. I like that we have more freedom and more breaks. I like the fact that we get to keep our mobile phones with us. Some think they create distractions, but I use mine to look for things I’m curious about. My friends and I are homework monitors. With online classes, we don’t have to carry heavy textbooks and notebooks around. We only need to make sure that people submit their work on time. It’s really convenient. What I like the most is the fact that we can still have group work even though we are not in the classrooms. Google Meet allows us to be in the breakout rooms, and we get to discuss our presentations or projects without the whole class listening to us. I don’t know when we can go back onsite, but with what we are having now. I’m quite happy with what we are doing.”

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