In Europe

In the year 1662, a Minim priest, Father Nicolas Barre` saw the need for the education of the poor in France. He, therefore, recruited women to help set up his first school near Rouen. As the enrolment increased, more schools were established, and four years later, the ladies in charge of these schools began to live in a community under a Superior. This was the beginning of a religious congregation whose main work was the education of the poor. The year 1666, therefore saw the founding of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Infant Jesus.

The outbreak of the French Revolution brought about several social and political changes in France but the work of the congregation spread rapidly. Less than twenty-five years after the opening of the Mother-House in Paris, eighty schools for free education and forty boarding schools had been established in France. With the granting of official approval from Rome, the Sisters extended their work to Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

In Thailand

The Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus School (CHIJ) was established in the year 1963 under the Infant Jesus Foundation Thailand, a non-profit organization. It is conveniently located on 763 Sukhumvit 101 Road, Bangchak Prakanong, Bangkok. CHIJ prepares students to go to work in companies or to further their education in universities of their choice.

The school has earned a good and long-term reputation of graduates who are sought after by various companies for their fluency in English and high skills in office procedures. The school has long since been supplying the world of work with competent, virtuous and caring graduates.


The CHIJ School Crest is an international badge worn by students of the Infant Jesus schools found in South America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa and Asia.

The Design of the CHIJ School Crest

The red shield has a silver band edged in gold. On the right side of the shield is the Book of the Gospels with a silver rosary. On the left is a golden distaff and spindle. The shield is surmounted by a gold cross and encircled by a garland of marguerites.

The Significance of the Symbols

  • The Red Shield symbolizes the all-embracing message of love.
  • The Open Gospel points to the source of inspiration which guides the whole school community. The Silver Rosary represents the story of the gospel as seen through the eyes of the Virgin Mary.
  • The Distaff and Spindle are symbols of womanly labour, typical of an earlier period, which reminds us of the dignity of work and the satisfaction and fulfillment to be found in a task well accomplished.
  • The Cross which surmounts the crest serves as a reminder that the source of our inspiration, dedication and fidelity comes from Christ.
  • The Garland of Marguerites are simple flowers which are found by the wayside in France and are symbolic of purity and simplicity which should characterize our relationship at every level.

The CHIJ school crest is a badge of honour, history and distinction, inspiring every IJ school student to live guided by noble deeds and to uphold a three-century old tradition of heroic virtue, Christian fidelity and the best elements of global citizenship.


To develop a holistic learner by adopting the path of truth, justice, freedom and love, and providing a well-balanced, relevant curriculum to meet the needs of learners with particular attention to the disadvantaged.


To envision the school as a progressive student-oriented English-medium institute focusing on moral, social and cultural values, aiming for academic excellence, equipping learners with knowledge and skills demanded by the business world, and offering readiness for further education.


Bringing forth a competent, virtuous and caring citizen


Simple in virtue; steadfast in duty